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Q65 TWS Earbuds

Q65 TWS Earbuds

(6 customer reviews)


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Comfortable Fit

Our earbuds are designed to fit the ears of many people and allow for endless hours of playback with maximum comfort.

6 reviews for Q65 TWS Earbuds

  1. Michael

    Last time I used bluetooth for anything involving audio, it had a range of about 4 feet, sounded terrible, and had high latency during calls. Last time I checked on the price of wireless earbud headphones, they were hundreds of dollars. These headphones are great, I had no problem pairing them to each other or my phone. Sound quality is great, I’m no audiophile, but I find the volume and the bass to be more than sufficient. The range on them is also amazing, 40+ feet or better, crystal clear audio. You can use them as a headset, dual or single ear. Callers say they can hear me clearly during calls. They are tiny and inconspicuous. The size of earbuds they came with fit my ears perfectly. I’m very satisfied with my purchase and would recommend these to anyone looking for wireless headphones.

  2. Jasmine

    Brought these for my husband and he loves them easy to pair loud to hear noise cancelling fits in ear well great purchase

  3. Nathan Jocks

    Sound quality is very good.

  4. Carmi

    They are lightweight, have nice sound and fit small ears too! They are also easy to charge

  5. Scott Richard

    Gave these to my 15 year old GrandSon who has destroyed more headphones and headsets… usually in a week or less. These are still going strong after 4 months of constant daily (and overnight) use. I despair for his hearing of course but thats not the sets fault. He rarely takes them off and says they are the best set he’s had. The fit of phones like these is subjective but their strength and resilience to teenage misuse is a family legend by now. Amazing battery life, reasonable sound and they are cheap to boot. Total recommendation from GrandPa/GrandSon

  6. Ivy Lee

    It connects to my IphoneX in a second, which is very nice! It does have noise cancellation too, so when I’m out I only ware one. It also does keep connects to my cell from a distance too, so when I’m working around the house I don’t need to carry my phone. Over all, a great earbud.

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